Menu Plan Monday May 7th-13th

Monday again! Seriously where do my weeks go?? It has been crazy around here, as usual, another reason why I love menu planning. One less thing I have to think about throughout my crazy week!!!

Yes, I know it is Tuesday, but it is just one of those kind of weeks (yes already! LOL) Winter weather finally made it’s appearance over the weekend here and our oldest had a blast playing in the snow! He even had his first hot chocolate when he came inside and loved every last drop! Hoping for more snow for him to play with in the next few months!!

And we are back in gear here! We were lucky to be able to spend a week home visiting family for my grandfathers 90th birthday!! It was so great to see family and friends that we have not seen in years! Then we spent last week trying to get back into the swing of things around here at the house again! This week we are back in full swing and holy goodness it is already Valentine’s Day week! How did that happen?? Part of our Valentine’s tradition for me and the hubby is that instead of a gift I always bake something for him. With just getting out of Christmas season and his birthday being at the end of February gifts for Valentines Day just never made sense! I have made some fun things over the years for him but this year with a 5 yr old and 20 month old to help out (not to mention being 35 weeks pregnant with #3!) we are keeping it simple! Check out some of the new recipes that I am trying out this week!!