Menu Plan Monday May 14th-19th

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there!  Yesterday was a great day!  I was surprised with a breakfast of pastries and bagels from Panera (yummm) and we were able to get our grill and outdoor table out and set up!!  I love being able to spend family time outdoors, especially eating :-)   Now of course, it is raining again, but what can you do…..  Here is our menu for this upcoming week!!Hello everyone!! Wow, it has been crazy around our house of late! Most importantly we added baby number 3 to our bunch on March 12th!! Adjusting to having a newborn again as well as 2 older ones has for sure been exciting! I have been loosely planning menus and such over the past weeks and trying my hardest to stick to them, but flexibility has also been key!! Quick and easy has been my other motto for dinner currently! I do not have the time to be standing in the kitchen cooking a meal with the ‘help’ of a 5 yr old, 1 yr old and newborn!! So here is our loose menu for this week that is for sure subject to change!!