Menu Plan Monday June 11th-17th

Monday again! It was a super crazy weekend, but a good crazy since I do feel like we got a lot accomplished!! We are going to be potty training child #2 very very soon so I have been spending time to make sure we have everything all set and ready to go for that! I am so excited to not have two in diapers anymore! Even in cloth diapers it is crazy and time consuming to have two little ones to change throughout the day!
Now that we are back to our regular routine after this crazy weekend onto our menu!!What beautiful weather we are having this Monday morning!!! Makes me want to start getting the grill ready for summer meals! One of the main reasons why I love the change of seasons is for the change of meals that comes along with it! It is fun to have a change up in meal planning and what we eat based on the time of year. That being said, look ahead for some nice summery type meals coming up in my menus!!