Natural Receding Gum Toothpaste To Stop Tooth Decay In Children

Can children get receding gums and what is the best natural receding gum toothpaste? Numerous studies are revealing that the poor dental health is the entrance to various health problems and risks in the body. Bacteria can quickly go into the bloodstream, potentially causing a stroke or cardiovascular disease. Therefore, deciding on a product that supports and helps ideal gum and teeth health is definitely important and is part of an overall strategy to safeguard not only your gums and teeth but your life. Get more information

Natures Smile is a 100 percent herbal product for oral care to stop gum disease receding gums in all ages. The good thing is that it has been on the market for several years and also marketed as an option to periodontal surgery.

Gum regrowth treatment

These ingredients have another positive side results, however I’ve kept the descriptions pertinent to gum disease and the mouth. Basically what the product does, is reinforce your gums so they can fight back against bacteria and grow back strong again. There are no chemicals or other harsh components so it’s safe to use every day. The product is a mouthwash plus a gum balm- two different containers that work together synergistically.

The active component in the mouthwash is Sodium monofluorophosphate (0.84%), which is another name for a kind of fluoride. Tom’s of Maine, the natural personal items company, likewise puts this in their tooth pastes, although at a lower concentration (76%). The National Institutes of Health shows that Sodium monofluorophosphate is regarded as a specialized bleaching and polishing agent and as a prevention versus dental decay.

Natural cures for receding gums

Natural Receding Gum Toothpaste And Remedies for children

Good oral hygiene is important to have good and healthy teeth for a lifetime. Many disorders are first visible in the mouth, for example in the form of pain, wounds, inflammations or fungus. But diseases in the mouth can also cause problems in the rest of the body. Nasty oral health bacteria enter the bloodstream and increase the risk of several diseases including heart problem. A pregnant woman with periodontitis is two to seven times more likely to have a premature birth or a child with a low birth weight than a pregnant woman without periodontitis.

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Here are some tips for receding gums treatment in children

Reconsider eating habits

Limit the number of food and drink moments to seven times a day, 3 main meals and 4 snacks. Then the teeth get a chance to recover, and the chance of cavities is smaller.

Eat raw vegetables

Of course, fresh vegetables are good for all kinds of purposes, but also for the preservation of your white teeth. These will work as a kind of sponges so that they will remove the stains on your teeth. So, from now on, grab a bowl with raw greetings instead of chips.

Avoid soft drinks

Drink as little soft drinks and other sour drinks as possible. Light drinks also contain acids that cause wear of tooth enamel.

Teeth brushing

Brush your teeth with a fixed cleaning routine twice a day, of which at least once before bedtime. Avoid brushing right after drinking or eating sour foods or drinks. Preferably use an electric toothbrush. Scientific research has shown that this is more effective than brushing with the manual toothbrush.


Use a flossing thread or brush every day to clean the space between your teeth and teeth. This way you prevent inflamed gums and cavities. Stimulate the production of protective saliva by chewing sugar-free chewing gum. Saliva has a neutralizing effect.


Do not smoke. Besides being very unhealthy, it also causes stains on your teeth and an increased risk of periodontal infections.


Visit the dentist after every six months for a check-up and at least once a year for the dental hygienist. If an annual dental check is sufficient, we will discuss this. If you have anxiety that delayed your dental visit, discuss this with your dentist. There is a solution for everyone.

Suckle on bottle

Try to stop your child from sucking on a bottle having yogurt and milk drinks, fruit juice, and lemonade for a long time since this is very bad for the milk teeth. Do not give your child a well-stocked bottle at night, for example, if your child can not sleep. That is very harmful.

Start by brushing the children’s teeth with toddler toothpaste with free of fluoride and a soft toothbrush as soon as the first teeth come through.

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Healthy Teeth Connection With Food And Drinks

The diet you choose and the number of times you eat will affect your overall health and your oral health. Especially consuming too many sugars, fruit juices and snacks has an adverse effect on the health of your mouth. Common problems are caries, inflamed gums and dental erosion.

Tooth Cavity due to sugars and starch

Our food choices and eating habits are important factors that influence the speed with which tooth decay develops. All the food you eat comes into contact with the bacteria that live in your mouth. The bacteria convert sugars and starch from food into acid. Every time the bacteria in the mouth come into contact with sugar, acid is produced. This acid affects the teeth because the more often you take food, the longer the food stays in your mouth, and the more tooth decay will arise.

Sugars in foods

All foods, including milk and vegetables, contain certain sugars. All these sugars can cause tooth decay. You must eat these foods because they contain essential nutrients. Nutrients (nutrients) are substances that can be absorbed by the body and can be used effectively. These are sugars (carbohydrates), protein, vitamins, minerals and water. The sugars from the nutrients are therefore natural sugars. In order to limit the amount of sugars that you get inside, it is important that you read nutrition labels and choose foods and beverages with as little (added) sugars as possible.

Acids in foods

There are also foods that already contain acids. These acids can also cause tooth decay. There are hidden acids in many drinks; the added sugar ensures that the high acid dose does not stand out.

How do I arrive at a proper diet?

Even foods that you do not expect contain sugars. Examples include fruit, milk, bread and even vegetables. The key to the right diet is not to avoid these foods, but to think before you eat them. What you eat, and when you eat something makes a difference. Eat varied and try to limit the food of snacks as much as possible. When you follow a special diet, follow the advice of the dietitian when choosing the meal.

Tips for a healthy diet

Adhere to a healthy and varied diet. Choose power from each of the five food groups:

  • Bread
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Meat, poultry and fish
  • Milk, cheese and yogurt

Make sure you drink enough water. Add water to the fruit juices to weaken the acid. Drink as little soda as possible (also no light drinks, they contain no sugars, but acids). Limit the number of eating and drinking moments to seven times a day, including snacks.

Swallow drinks as quickly as possible

If you eat snacks, make sure you choose foods with few sugars, such as cheese, raw vegetables, pure yogurt, or a piece of fruit.

You should brush your teeth two times in a day. Stimulate the production of saliva by chewing sugar-free chewing gum. Saliva has a neutralizing effect.[/expand]

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